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Natural vs. Supernatural

Posted by TheAmateurAnimator - April 16th, 2009

This is what I believe: People who persist in believing in the "supernatural" do so only because they are ignorant about the universe. They do not see the wonder and incredible beauty of the cosmos, and because of their mundane view of the natural world they feel the need to invent and believe in a world beyond the natural world, a "super-natural" world separate and above the laws of nature, a world populated by ghosts and demons and gods and spirits and other fictional creatures, for the sole purpose of making the universe feel like a more exciting place. There are enough amazing things in the entire universe such that no one should feel the need to believe in things beyond it simply to make the universe more interesting or more beautiful. After all, by observing and studying the universe, scientists discover again and again that the universe is a place greater and stranger than the wildest products of our imagination. Why bother, then, to construct a "supernatural" element of the universe and believe it to be more than the fiction that it is?

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People believe in the super-natural not because they want to, but because they've been convinced by whatever they've seen or experienced. To them, the "supernatural" IS part of the natural.

"Supernatural" is, by definition, not part of the natural world. Just look at the word: "super" means "above" or "beyond," therefore "supernatural" literally means "above nature." But I guess that's just semantics...

Anyway, with human memory and pattern recognition being as fallible as they are, how could anyone trust them over empirical observation and scientific study? It just doesn't make sense.

Meh... People believe what they believe.

And they have every right to do so.

The thing is, I have the right to say whether or not I think their beliefs are stupid.

because as intresting the cosmos is with its quazars and spiral galaxys, it just isnt as cool as werewolves and unicorns.

and u cant expect thousands of years of spirituality to dissolve just because we discovered bacteria on mars.

if youd like to point out something that was discovered that is more intresting than what i just said, plz do as like I learning more about what we found in that infinite vacuem.

Hey, I love werewolves and unicorns as much as the next guy, but we need to keep them where they belong, in the "Fiction" section of the library, along with gods, angels, demons, and ghosts.

If you want to see cool scientifically-plausible things that will boggle your mind, go here: http://exitmundi.nl/exitmundi.htm

Also, watch Carl Sagan's TV show "Cosmos" (you can find it on Hulu.com) and read all of his books, they're absolutely fascinating.

I don't think anyone on Earth--at least, anyone visible to human eyes--is supernatural... which is why it annoys the crap out of me when someone suggests Criss Angel's magic is real. Every one of his tricks can be easily explained. -_-

If you think of the universe as beautiful, read some Lovecraft, mah boy.
It'le tentacle rape those notions of tranquility and innocence right out of your furry skull.

Prove that Cthulhu and the Lovecraftian pantheon of eldritch cosmic horrors is real. Until then, I'm sticking with my rational naturalistic empiricist worldview, as it is the only logical way to view the universe based on the observations and evidence we have.

Besides, H. P. Lovecraft was a racist asshole who wrote with an almost impenetrably dense style.

Wow man. That's...deep. You really put alot of thought into that. We create the Super-Natural to explain what we don't know. Problem is, what we "Don't know" was about 700 years ago when people feared going into the forests at night incase a demon would eat them. Science has disproved the notion of Demons in the forest years ago with Night Vision technology. Goblins have been discredited by Heat sensors. Unicorns by Ecologists. Ninjas beating Pirates have been invalidated by common sense. But, it does create for good fiction. Gotta love the "Fiction" Section at your local library. Too bad the "Fiction" section didn't exist 700 years ago.

(I do this because this is a shared account and if not for this, who knows who said this?)

I must disagree with one point you made; ninjas could easily beat pirates.

You now about supernatural. i finally found someone that now that i have many experience if you whant now more pm a message.

I'm sorry, is that supposed to be english?

hey I was just about to scout you when I noticed you love fur. neverminds

I am truly honored that someone of your talent would think I'm good enough to be scouted.

I am also shocked and appalled that you would let such a petty issue as my status as a furry (which doesn't even affect the content of my submissions in any way) win out over artistic appreciation.

Why am I even replying to your comment? It's not on topic and it's rude. I should just delete it and leave it at that. However, I feel it would be much better to preserve your comment as a testament to your own stupidity.

PS. I upvoted your art and your non-spam flashes for you. No need to thank me.

thanks furball

You're still here?

lol what about vampires?

Vampires? Oh, they used to exist, but the Belmonts killed them all.

the people belive in super-natural beacuse it's in the human nature to belive that there's something more superior,maybe we just call super-natural everything that we don't know

I agree, those ghost hunting shows are retarded, but speaking of ghosts, your horror songs are awesome!

Someone actually likes my music?

Well my friend, then you wouldn't have furries without "supernatural" constructs..

I mean look at Ancient Egypt, they made the first anthromorphic beings mate, "Bastet" "Anubis" "Ra". I say, if you want to invent supernatural beings or imagine an insane world to make the universe that much brighter, then I say do it.

I mean shoot, humanity only got so far with creative and bizaare thinking. And I wouldn't be much of an artist today if I didn't have the choice to sketch out furries. :3

There's a difference between fiction and believing it. Furries were more or less born out of the use of anthropomorphized animals in storytelling; actual mythology has little or nothing to do with it.

Tell me, what would believers in spiruatal things actually gain from learning about all of the stuff in space? they probably would like it and think it was cool, but more often than not, they would simply say that god/buhdda/any other diety would have made all of those things and they your argument was null and stupid. *sigh* What can you do......


That's why I don't talk about spirituality and politics anymore. If someone disagrees enough with you, there's no changing their minds, especially the more dogmatic they are.

Man what happened to you? You were pretty cool :(

Were? Were? My dear fellow, I have never been any cooler than I am now. You must be mistaken.


This is certainly thought provoking. Thanks for sharing. Personally, I agree that everything is amazing. Why need the validation of a "super" being when the entire universe is amazingly interesting and constantly revealing new things. I think that the main reason for the super beings is that we as a species have this need to feel validated. That we are special and more important than everything else. I have met some people who need it as a goal, something for them to strive for and use as a code. Personally, I prefer a different view: I do good because I can. I am able to make people happy just by being happy. Interestingly enough I found this was the same idea as certain types of Buddhism, Mahayana to be specific. I also found that many of the people who are Buddhist are also secular humanists, and very much non religious. So again, thanks for the thought food, sharing your music, and your thoughts.