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This is excellent.

The animation was very well-done, despite your own misgivings. But what I really want to congratulate you on is character design. The characters are all lively and bursting with personality, so even though I didn't know who any of them were, I instantly bonded with them.

Also, I liked the comedic touch with the bouncing zombie making the "boing boing" sound effect.

Dear God.

The concept and the subsequent bastardization of Watchmen through said concept was cringe-worthy, but in a good way. It made me feel horrified and violated but I still laughed my ass off.

As for the execution, it was absolutely top-notch! Perfect animation, great cinematography, an excellently lame theme song, and a great satire of cheesy 80s-90s superhero cartoons.

Out of all your "Awesome" movies...

...This one made me laugh the hardest. Especially the "WHERE'S MY WIFE" scene, the way the mouth was animated made me nearly burst into flames from the hilarity.

The Locusts sounded Canadian. I liked that too.

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Graphics: Not awesome, but better than mine. Nice work on Jones, but you should have put the same amount of quality into the other drawings.

Style: I don't know, I just gave you an eight.

Sound: You used my music. You get a 10.

Violence: Well, the death seen was a bit poorly animated, but there was blood...lots of blood...

Interactivity: It was an all right quiz game dealie, but you should have disabled the right-click menu, it made the game way too easy to beat. My friend Staticblaze has a Flash tutorial on how to do that.

Humor: There really wasn't any.

Overall: Too short, too easy to cheat, but the graphics were drawn all rightly and you used good music.

foxtrain17 responds:

thanks for providing the music, its great to have indy music here :) and thanx for the review.

well at least you can use the zoom option on right menu to zoom in on the knots. I seem to have lost the latest fla file so I cant disable the right click menu (unless I use an older version) but at least I fixed it in the other game i have here. thanks for telling me about that!

Needs improvement

You should work on your hittest script a bit, sometimes I would be close to, but not touching, a spike but still die. This glitch made some levels nigh-impossible. Also, change the jumping script. Lil' Swf here jumps so dang high that it makes the level with the crusher thingy and the red line really hard to beat.

overall, though, the concept was pretty interesting, a


Graphics: Very well done, even the traced bitmaps look good!
Style: Nice.
Sound: Great job with the authentic DBZ OST music.
Violence: Cuts and scars.
interactivity: So many choices...
Humor: Some combinations looked very funny.
Overall: I liked it. I'm not into DBZ anymore(and haven't been for years), but it was still fun. And, to all those guys who are saying shit like "d00d dbz is ghey, get a life" I have this to say: Why don't you get a life of your own first, you retarded losers?!

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This is awesome!

It sounds very much like something out of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, specifically the "Prologue" theme or "The Tragic Prince." And I think that is the one thing that makes it the most awesome.

Seriously, this would fit in perfectly with Richter Belmont smashing shit up with the Vampire Killer.

My favorite song from AoS

Now that I've got that out of the way...

This was pretty decent, but its biggest flaw is the lack of mastering. Everything just sound cluttered and the sound quality isn't very good at all. I'll let the lack of quality slide because you say it was due to Garageband, but I do think that the instruments just sound too muddled.

MarioKartFrantic responds:

Fair enough, I did this when I was 16, I'm 18 now and I l know how to do mastering, and I know I failed miserbly on this one, so yeah...

If I could I'd go back and fix it, but I don't have access to the Mac I made this on so no can do, sorry.

Anyway, If you wanna check out some good Castlevania music, Check my brother's stuff, he does some good shit (DJ-HappyFace btw)

Anyway, thanks for the review.


This has a completely different style than Michiru Yamane's original score, yet somehow remains true to the atmosphere and style. The epic rendition of "Prayer" grabbed my attention straight away, and the piano solo rendition of "Dracula's Castle" was great (I also like how neatly it segued into "The Cave." The violins playing "Prologue" was very interesting as well, I never imagined that anything could replace those flanged guitars. I also loved your rendition of "The Tragic Prince, it sounded very Danny Elfman-esque, as if it was from a Tim Burton movie.

I can think of no way this could be improved, except maybe adding a bit more of the cathedral organ (unless you don't want to take the stereotypical approach to music about vampires, that is).

NickPerrin responds:

Awesome review, thanks. This song was made for the real Castlevania music fans, and you are most definitely one of them! It's cool that you caught all the songs - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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The texture and lineart on this piece is amazing, and all the detail really shows well. The detail and rough chalky texture really give this piece a powerful, raw emotional feel to it. The only thing that bothers me is that the size of her neck makes it look like she has a goiter...it's a little bit distracting.

Nice work.

Once again, you've got a good cartoony style and a great idea, and in this picture the Terminator endoskeleton and Arnold Schwarzenegger are particularly well-drawn and detailed. Your caricatures here are well-done, although it seems to me that everyone else in the picture looks a little flat and lacking detail, compared to the Terminator and Arnie.

Kind of a mixed bag.

The cartoony style isn't half-bad, it reminds me of something I'd see in the comics section of the newspaper, but it's a mixed bag here. On the one hand, i think you drew Doctor Manhattan and the Comedian well. And Nite Owl looks well done, too (I especially like the duck inner tube floatie). On the other hand, Silk Spectre's face looks a bit poorly-constructed and Ozymandias is showing quite a considerable gut considering how he's the strongest and smartest man in the world.

Still, funny concept and a nice cartoony art style, it just needs a bit more refinement.

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